International Students

Webtree Academy is very proud to call ourselves a Home Away From Home for international students from 14 countries worldwide. It is a place where they learn cultural differences, exchange ideas, build global perspectives, and ultimately grow into leaders and influencers of tomorrow.

We understand that living and studying in a new country is not easy for these young students as they experience cultural differences while becoming more self-reliant. We understand how important it is to provide services and programs that assist them throughout their time in Canada. Therefore, we provide reliable support from a wide range of professionally staffed services for our international students of all ages inside and outside of the classroom. We are dedicated to helping them adjust to life in secondary school and to the health and well-being of each and everyone. It is our priority to make sure they fulfill the most out of their student experience.

Our advisors and counselors have the knowledge and expertise to guide students with language and academic support, university applications and credit transfer, immigration and visa applications, health insurance, social/academic challenges, homestay placement, and more.

AT Webtree Academy, our attentive and professional staff are dedicated to providing our students with the services they need to be healthy and successful, including assistance in emergency situations, VISA application urgencies, and more.

For more information, please contact us through our online form or call (416) 792-8280.

Personal Learning Support

We provide reliable support for our students’ behavioural, academic, social, and emotional development.

We offer one-to-one counseling and tutoring in order to enhance students’ personal learning and growth.

Academic Support

We provide one-to-one professional advising support to help students make plans for their university/ college academic journeys.

Our advisors and counselors are outstanding in guiding students with their course selections, and providing a safe, caring and comfortable environment. Students are supported and encouraged to explore opportunities and make informed choices about their future.

International Students

ESL – English as a Second Language

These courses are designed for English language learners who have had opportunities to develop language and literacy skills in their own language appropriate to their age or grade level.

Most English language learners are in this group. These learners may be entering secondary school from elementary school alongside their English-speaking peers, or they may be entering secondary school in Ontario having recently arrived from other countries. They can read and write in their own language within the expected range for students of their age in their own country. They can build on their existing first-language skills when learning English in an ESL program.

The five ESL courses are based on levels of proficiency in English. Depending on learners’ previous experience with English, students may be placed in ESL Level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

For example, a student who has been in full-time education in his or her country of origin but who has never studied English would be placed in ESL Level 1.

A student who has been in full-time education in his or her own country and has studied some English might be placed in ESL Level 2 or 3 on the basis of the initial English language assessment.

A student who has studied English for several years might be placed in ESL Level 3, 4, or 5 on the basis of the initial English language assessment.

Students of Grade 9 age whose initial assessment indicates that they are beyond ESL Level 4 (ESLDO) should be placed directly in Grade 9 Applied English (ENG1P) or Grade 9 Academic English (ENG1D).


The Webtree Academy IELTS Preparation Program gets students ready to score well on IELTS Academic exam, an achievement which opens the doors to Canada’s best universities and colleges.

Unlike other schools, we do more than just familiarize students with exam questions and test-taking strategies; our enthusiastic instructors break the exam down into simple steps, starting with the very basics of the English language, especially vocabulary, and then build on this knowledge each day so that students can monitor their own progress and confidently take the IELTS exam.

International Students