History - Canadian & World Studies


“Competent historical thinkers understand both the vast differences that separate us from our ancestors and the ties that bind us to them; they can analyze historical artifacts and documents, which can give them some of the best understandings of times gone by; they can assess the validity and relevance of historical accounts, when they are used to support entry into a war, voting for a candidate, or any of the myriad decisions knowledgeable citizens in a democracy must make. All this requires “knowing the facts”, but “knowing the facts” is not enough. Historical thinking does not replace historical knowledge: the two are related and interdependent.” Peter Seixas, “Scaling Up the Benchmarks of Historical Thinking” (2008)

Student will study of diverse individuals, groups, and institutions as well as significant events, developments, and issues in the past. The Grade 11 and 12 history courses provide students with opportunities to study many aspects of Canadian and world history, from early societies to the present. These courses convey a sense of the dynamic nature of Canadian and world history. Students learn that the people of the world have many stories and that each one is significant and requires thoughtful consideration. Students will develop their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking in order to deepen their understanding of the peoples, events, and forces they are studying. They will also develop their ability to apply the historical inquiry process, gathering, interpreting, and analysing historical evidence and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources in order to investigate and reach conclusions about a wide range of historical issues, developments, and events.

The study of history enables students to more fully appreciate heritage and identity, both in Canada and around the globe, the diversity and complexity of different societies, and the challenges and responsibilities associated with participation in the international community. It also enhances students’ understanding of the historical roots of many current issues around the world. In doing so, it helps prepare students to fulfil their role as informed and responsible Canadian and global citizens. The study of history in Grades 11 and 12 builds on the knowledge, attitudes, and skills, including thinking skills, developed in history in Grades 7, 8, and 10.