Covid 19 Updates

Since March 2020, Webtree Academy has successfully moved all of credit courses teaching and learning online. Since the September school re-opening, we continue to offer the online learning option in addition to the in person learning. The online credit courses are all real-time and interactive video conferencing by our teachers.

The instruction hour is also consistent with the instruction hour as regular school operations before the pandemic. There is no reduction in the instruction hours per credit course. Due to the small class setting at the academy, the online interaction between teachers and the students has preceded smoothly. We have received many positive feedbacks from the teachers, parents and students.

We hope you understand that online teaching is a great challenge for our teachers. More preparations for daily teaching is required in order to ensure the quality of teaching and successful completion of required tasks for each credit course.

The students who chose the online learning option will need to continue to adapt to online teaching resources and tools. In the meanwhile, during the past months, we are very glad to witness that our students have taken the initiative to adapt and participate in the online teaching and learning environment. The results has been affirmed that students at the academy are showing continued success. We are proud of our teachers and our students for the achievements, to date, by tirelessly working together.

Currently, we are having a very small number of students who are attending school in person. Strict safety measurements are taken in place to protect these students and our staff. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed copy of our COVID 19 Safety Measurement Handbook at