Course Overview

Credit Courses, Language & Tutoring Programs

As an inspected-private school, we are dedicated to providing our students with diversified programs in order to fully support each individual?s academic needs; as well as providing customized consulting and planning to lead students toward their path of personal success.

At W.I.S.E., our programs include Credit Courses, English Programs, Tutoring Programs, and additional support both inside and outside of school. W.I.S.E. is prepared to accelerate and optimize learning experiences using a cognitive approach toward earning credits and self-improvement for each learner?s pace. We have exceptionally educated and qualified teachers who have earned their Master?s degree, and/ or OCT (Ontario College of Teachers Certification). Our instructors are of the finest distinction and are able to accommodate any scholastic, and all language-acquisition needs.

The W.I.S.E. academy is a year-round school supporting mastery learning for academic success as well as skills improvement. Using comprehensive methodologies to enrich the learning experience, we aim to provide our students with a solid foundation where they can grow and shine.

We wish you a rewarding scholastic and personal journey during your studies at Webtree!

Credit Courses (Gr. 9-12)


  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11 ? University/College (BAF3M)
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11 ? University/College (BAF4M)


  • Visual Arts, Grade 9 ? Open (AVI1O)
  • Visual Arts, Grade 10 ? Open (AVI2O)
  • Visual Arts, Grade 11 ? University/College Preparation (AVI3M)
  • Visual Arts, Grade 12 ? University/College Preparation (AVI4M)
  • Visual Design, Grade 12 – University/College Preparation (AWD4M)
  • Media Studies, Grade 10 – Open (EMS30)


  • Biology, Grade 11 ? University (SBI3U)
  • Biology, Grade 12 ? University (SBI4U)


  • Introduction to Business, Grade 9 ? Open (BBI1O)
  • Introduction to Business, Grade 10 ? Open (BBI2O)
  • International Business Fundamentals, Grade 12 ? University/College (BBB4M)


  • Career Studies, Grade 10 ? Open (GLC2O)


  • Chemistry, Grade 11 ? University (S
  • Chemistry, Grade 12 ? University (SCH4U)


  • Civics, Grade 10 ? Open (CHV2O)


  • Introduction to Computer Science, Grade 11 ? University (ICS3U)
  • Computer Science, Grade 12 ? University (ICS4U)


  • English, Grade 9 ? Academic (ENG1D)
  • English, Grade 10 ? Academic (ENG2D)
  • English, Grade 11 ? University (ENG3U)
  • English, Grade 12 ? University (ENG4U)


  • ESL Programs


  • Food and Nutrition Sciences, Grade 12 ? University/College (HFA4M)


  • Geography of Canada, Grade 9 ? Academic (CGC1D)
  • Canadian & World Issues: A Geographic Analysis Grade 12 ? University (CGW4U)
  • World Geography: Human Patterns & Interactions Grade 12 ? University (CGU4U)


  • Canadian History Since World War I Grade 10 ? Academic (CHC2D)
  • Canada: History, Identity, and Culture Grade 12 ? University (CHI4U)


  • Issues in Human Growth & Development Grade 12 ? University/College (HHG4M)
  • Challenge and Change in Society Grade 12 ? University/College (HSB4M)


  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course Grade 12 ? Open (OLC4O)


  • Principles of Mathematics, Grade 9 ? Academic (MPM1D)
  • Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10 ? Academic (MPM2D)
  • Functions, Grade 11 ? University (MCR3U)
  • Advanced Functions, Grade 12 MHF4U
  • Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12 (MCV4U)
  • Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12 (MDM4U)


  • Physics, Grade 11 ? University (SPH3U)
  • Physics, Grade 12 ? University (SPH4U)


  • Science, Grade 9 ? Academic (SNC1D)
  • Science, Grade 10 ? Academic (SNC2D)
Course Overview

Language Programs

Our Language program is designed for students with an academic English focus who have the ultimate goal of attending a University or College in Canada.

This is an advanced level program and focuses on providing students with the academic English skills necessary to succeed in English learning environments at High School/University levels.

This program has been specifically designed to include the following skills and topics with the goal of improving academic English proficiency:

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Academic Presentation Skills
  • Seminar Participation Skills
  • Note-Taking and Listening skills
  • Research and Citation Skills
  • Test taking skills

Tutoring Program

With customized tutoring programs designed to fully support our students? academic progress, students will learn to think actively and critically.

Learning skills are skills that students use in every subject in school. By developing better thinking and learning skills, our students will get a transferable set of skills that can be used in every subject, in every grade. Once students? learning skills improve, so does his or her school confidence. Better school confidence leads to better grades?in every subject, for every grade.