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Grades 9-12
You know what you want

Maximize Your Potential

Do you know what career you want? Do you want to be as prepared as possible for University? Webtree will provide you with an individual plan, based on your university goals, to enable you to achieve excellence.

Not Sure What You Want to Do

Find What Drives You

If you are not sure what you want to study in university, we can help. Our teachers and staff will work with you to provide an individualized program designed to help you find and nurture your passion.

Achieve Success in School and in Life

Webtree Provides individual, highly tailored programs that prepare students to excel at the university of their choice and succeed in life.

Webtree Academy is a private high school that offers combination of uniquely individualized programs and class sizes of 5 to 10 students. Our unique offering provides highly tailored programs targeted for the needs of each individual student.

We teach our students how to adapt to different environments and understand how to learn. We teach our students with the soft skills of relationship building which will empower them in whatever they choose to do. We believe it’s essential to equip the next generation with the tools they need to succeed as the world changes with the impact of artificial intelligence, changing markets, political environments, health and many other factors.

Webtree Academy

Profile of a Graduate

Nurture, Transform, Empower

Students graduate from Webtree Academy with strong skills that enable them to meet the demands of learning in university. Our graduates are endowed with a strength of character, a desire to help others, find fulfillment in life and contribute meaningfully to their local and global communities.


Webtree students are trained to with the skills and habits that they need in order to succeed in university, work and life.


Webtree students develop the confidence and experience of managing the pressures that they will face at university.


Webtree students learn relationship skills that help them for a lifetime, through intentional relationship building with peers, teachers and staff.


Webtree students develop the character essential for success in all areas of their life, including university, work and the value living honestly.

From the Founding Principal

Dear Students, Staff & Parents,
Education has been a lifelong passion and is the greatest gift, we give to our youth. It has the transformative power to change lives and continually redefine the limits of what can be achieved. As an educator with over 30 years experiences working with gifted, special needs, second language learners, I am convinced that all students can excel to reach their full potentials with provision of stimulating challenge, encouragement, and the targeted support.
Therefore, at Webtree, we value every individual’s uniqueness, recognize his /her strength and areas that need improvement, so as to personalize the academic path leads to each student’s ultimate success.
At Webtree., we aim to nurture our student with global version, a sense of citizenship, a critical mindset, in addition to their academic success. Webtree Academy. is the home away from home for our students; is a school where they will laugh and shine.

Henry Michels , Founding Principal



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Current Enrolment

14 countries represented

Countries Represented


OCT, Masters and/or PhD

How an Individual Plan is Created

No two students at Webtree Academy have the same education plan. Each student has a unique plan built to help them succeed in school and in life.

Upon entry to Webtree, our academic consulting team and teachers work with each student to understand their unique skills, academic background, and passion.


Consultation and Assessment

Webtree conducts an assessment in English and Math skill and previous academic standings, combined with the student’s personal interests and goals.


Initial Study Plan Creation

Course planning is conducted considering both the student’s current academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as meeting the OSSD and University program admission requirements.


Follow Up and Adjustment

Our academic team communicates regularly about each student’s overall performance. Adjustments are made as required. Students and parents are consulted on the proposed course of action.


Continuous Support and Evaluation

Webtree has developed a complete learning support system. The Academic Consulting Department provides additional academic support where needed and timely feedback to parents and students.


Equipped for University

Students are provided with a strong academic foundation and learning skills so that they will start their university studies with confidence.

“I have been able to maintain 100% average in the University of Waterloo Computer Science Program. My ability to achieve such good results is due to the training I received during my Grade 12 academic year at Webtree Academy.”

Frank Li, Graduate